What Is Traffic in Digital Marketing

What Is Traffic in Digital Marketing

What is traffic? Traffic, in digital marketing, refers to the number of people visiting your website or landing page. This can be measured through things like visits and unique page views, the number of subscribers on your email list, or other engagement factors like shares or comments. In many cases, you’ll want to create a lead magnet as part of your digital marketing campaign that incentivizes people to provide their contact information in exchange for an incentive. You can then use this lead magnet as a way to collect contact information about people interested in your product or service so that you can market directly to them when the time comes.

Organic Search Engine Optimization
One of Google’s primary ranking factors is search engine optimization. Organic SEO is keyword research and content creation. In essence, you’re creating content that answers questions people ask using keywords they would use when searching for your service or product.

Paid Search Engine Optimization
The idea behind PPC is to create a profitable customer experience. In order to find customers, you need to attract them with advertising that stands out and gets them into your website or service.

Referral Marketing
Whether or not a business utilizes other marketing methods, referral marketing is one of its most important. Utilizing word-of-mouth as a tool to attract customers and reinforce brand loyalty, businesses can retain an enormous client base through a healthy referral marketing strategy.

Social Media Advertising
You’re probably familiar with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Social media sites can be a great place to advertise your business.

Email Marketing Section: Display Advertising
This is where you buy space on a website to market your product. People come across your advertisement while they’re browsing around. I’m going to talk about both paid and organic display advertising.

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