Types of Websites You Might Not Know About

Types of Websites You Might Not Know About

What are the different types of websites out there? If you’re curious, but not sure where to start, check out this list of some of the most popular types of sites that people visit every day. If you’re an entrepreneur who’s thinking about launching your own site, or if you’re a designer or developer who wants to know more about what your clients want, this article is for you!

A personal website

The internet is still new, and it’s likely that you aren’t even using 1% of its potential. One way to get in on that untapped potential is by creating a personal website to share all your interests and hobbies with anyone who will listen. It can be really hard to get started, but there are tons of resources available online (including here!) to help you design and maintain your site.

A business site

One type of website you might not know about is a business site. These are sites that serve to promote a company and connect with consumers, showcasing new products or services, for example. Business sites can also streamline internal processes—for instance, giving employees access to certain kinds of data from anywhere.

An online portfolio

Online portfolios aren’t just for artists; anyone can benefit from showcasing their work and accomplishments on a website. If you have experience in writing, editing, or other kinds of skills that could help others, creating an online portfolio can help draw potential clients to your services. An online portfolio is one type of website that everyone should consider creating sooner rather than later.

An online store

Yes, Amazon is a website, but so are Etsy and eBay. If you’re thinking about selling products online or starting your own e-commerce business, it’s important to be familiar with different types of websites—from blogs to online stores—and their functionality. Here are 10 types of websites that you might not know about

Types of Websites You Might Not Know About

A marketing site

If you own a business, having a website is nearly mandatory. And while many people think of their website as simply an online brochure or digital storefront, that’s only one type of website—and it certainly doesn’t have to be your only option. For example, with a marketing site, you aren’t trying to convert visitors into customers. Your goal is to get those visitors back into your store as often as possible by funneling them through an ever-increasing number of sales channels.

An informational blog

This type of website is designed to share information. If you have a hobby or some kind of niche subject that you’re very passionate about, then an informational website can help you get started making money online. Think about what would make someone want to pay you to learn more about a specific topic. Perhaps you’re using your own experiences to inform others about something.

SEO sites

A key objective for SEO sites is to rank high in search engine results. Although there are many elements that go into creating a successful SEO site, one of the most important is keyword density: how often certain keywords appear on a given website in comparison to other keywords. The more times these keywords appear on a page, or site, and get ranked by search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing!, the more exposure your website receives.

Online communities

It’s obvious that Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are social networks, but they aren’t necessarily where people look for social networking. Online communities tend to be a little more niche-oriented. Consider joining online forums around your industry or niche. Don’t sell yourself out by posting about all you know about your area of expertise in these forums; just join in on conversations that pertain to it and help solve people’s problems. What you’ll gain is knowledge that will build up your reputation as an expert.

Dating sites

While most people typically think about sites like Facebook and Twitter when they consider popular websites, dating sites are becoming very popular. Whether you’re single and looking for a date or already in a relationship and want to spice things up, dating sites offer a lot. The best thing about these types of websites is that they are very visual, which means you don’t have to rely on someone else to make them look good. There are many different templates you can choose from as well as a variety of options.

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