Top Trends in Digital Marketing for 2022

Digital Marketing Trends

This is an introduction to an article about predicting what new trends there will be in 2022.
What are some top predictions for new emerging tech 5-10 years from now? We’ll discuss key challenges like AI ethics; opportunities like economic growth; plus predictions on what’s new to come like holograms. It’ll be enlightening—let’s jump right in!

Digital Marketing Industry Growth

By 2022, digital advertising is expected to be worth $270 billion globally—that’s up from $189 billion in 2017. The rise of mobile will remain a key factor driving growth. Globally, revenues are forecast to grow by 41% over 2018 figures and by 2025 it’s estimated that around 77% of all internet traffic will be driven through smartphones and tablets. In fact, as of May 2018 mobile ad spend already accounted for 67% of total digital ad spend. But, despite its global dominance, analysts predict that mobile isn’t going to keep on growing at quite such a rapid rate; they expect 2.5% annual growth compared with 11.6% annual growth during 2013-2017 (Statista). This change reflects shifting marketing trends among advertisers who have been moving budgets away from desktop and towards mobile since 2015 (Google). Instagram also continues to grow rapidly; Statista predicts a CAGR of 25%. Meanwhile user numbers across social platforms increase every year too with many platforms now sporting more than 1bn users each (Twitter & Facebook). Messaging apps like WhatsApp continue to dominate too with analyst firm Ovum estimating 30bn messages sent per day via these apps.