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Top SEO Services Benefits of Responsive Web Design

In the present centered propelled scene, responsive site arrangement isn’t an indulgence, it’s an unmitigated need. Flexible has created as an essential part for web scrutinizing and automated business, with over 60% of request inside web crawlers beginning from mobile phones, for instance, tablets and PDAs.

What does all this have to do with SEO?

Responsive web design, which used to be an inventive plan strategy, has now turned into a standard among website specialists and website architecture stages alike. With Google’s ongoing move to a “versatile first” list, responsive plan would never be as critical for SEO services as it is today.

According to a Study Conducted by GOOGLE:

  • 61% of users would abandon the sites right away if it was not mobile optimized
  • 50% of users said that even if they liked a brand they would use them less frequently if the mobile experience was very poor.
  • 36% feel they “wasted their time” if a site isn’t mobile friendly
  • 48% said if the site didn’t work well on their tablets or smart phones, it made them feel like the brand did not care about its reputation, company or customers

With Google’s push for the best user experience possible, failing to implement a responsive web design is a surefire way to:

SEO Services

  • Increase negative reviews online
  • Decrease web traffic
  • Increase bounce rates
  • Lose sales
  • Lose repeat customers
  • And more

All of which play a critical role in today’s SEO algorithms. With so much on the line, you simply can’t afford to ignore mobile optimization.

Best 3 SEO Services profits of Responsive Web Design

  1. Mobile First

Responsive web design has become just as important a priority as search engine optimization (SEO Services), and quality content.  As of April 2018, Google has actualized the utilization of portable amicability as a positioning sign and has been blunt with their turn to a “versatile first” record. This implies if your site isn’t improved for portable as a need, in light of current circumstances, the contender’s site that is, will probably outrank you in their list.

  1. Eliminate Duplicate Content

You may or may not be guilty of this, but many companies have been utilizing both a desktop version of a website, and a mobile version.  At times this lead to duplicate content across the web. Remember, to Google bots, any distinct URL is considered a unique page/site.



In the above case you’ll notice one version of the site is for “desktop” and the other for “mobile”. Google’s crawlers don’t comprehend that those are a similar brand, and thusly you might be hit with copy content punishments except if different measures are taken. Working from a “versatile first” point of view enables you to combine your substance to a solitary novel URL.

  1. Lower Bounce Rate

User behavior and visitor statistics on your pages matter. Remember, Google’s goal is to make sure sites providing the best user experience possible, for each given search query, rank the highest.

Indicators of a poor experience may include:

  • High bounce rates
  • Low time spent on page / site
  • Low number of page views
  • Low number of clicks

Based on the aforementioned Google study, we know that users will NOT stay on, nor use your site, to complete their search objective if it offers up a poor mobile experience. One of the core metrics this will affect is the bounce rate (i.e. how fast visitors leave your site after determining it’s not what they want).

The quicker they leave your website, the higher the bounce rate.  This is a metric search engines pay attention to, especially Google.  Search engine tools connect this metric with how pertinent or insignificant your substance is for guests, and in addition its quality.

  1. Faster Loading Speeds

According to Hub spot (and a number of other studies), if your site is taking more than three seconds to load, you could be losing anywhere from 40-50% of your visitors.

SEO Services page stack speeds has a very much reported direct effect on the client’s apparent positive experience on your site. Not simply that, Google has been to a great degree open with the manner in which that stack speed is a situating sign in their figuring. As an entrepreneur, you’ll certainly need to ensure your site is versatile cordial and responsive. Also, recall, in light of the fact that your site stacks well on work area does NOT mean it will do likewise on a 3G cell phone in suburbia or littler urban areas and towns.

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