Social Media Trends that will rule in 2020

Social Media Trends 2020

Social Media Trends that will rule in 2020

In today’s world saying that most people spend a decent piece of their days on social media would not be a distortion. Most of the people are addicted to it so much that the first thing they do after waking up is to check their social media feeds. Social Media has become an important necessity for all of us.

Staying updated on the latest social media platforms can help Digital marketers fuel your strategy and make you stand out in the crowd. Your business should be on the platform that your targeted audience appreciates utilizing. This means that if you’ve noticed your target audience doesn’t spend too many hours on TikTok; you’re probably okay to skip that platform.

Here are some popular Social Media Trends that you need to be aware of for success in Digital Marketing Services.


Established in 2005, Reddit has remained among the top 10 most utilized social platform in spite of   Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter’s takeover. The Reddit is divided by topics called Subreddits, where users can post, upvote, and comment. The way to Reddit is to understand their moderator rules and posting policies. While you can pay for promoting on the platform, you can also advertise your business for free through significant content.

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Instagram Stories are becoming more popular

Snapchat was the first platform that let users post short videos, which were automatically deleted after 24 hours.

After looking its popularity, Facebook decided to add this feature to its app as well as on Instagram.


TikTok gaining Popularity

One of the popular trends that the market saw in 2019 was the rise in popularity of TikTok among users so much so that it became the no.1 most downloaded social media app.

As TikTok’s popularity graph still keeps rising up, it will be an absolute game-changer for social media marketers in the upcoming years. Therefore, it is unquestionably a new trend that is going to thrive in 2020.

Social Media Trends 2020

Video content keeps on blasting

Without a doubt, videos have become one of the essential marketing strategies in from the past few years.

However, Live Streaming has recently become trendy. The capability of video streaming in current devices has gadgets has expanded, and the total spotlight is on the video content.


Instagram Will Remove Likes

Instagram is one of the largest social networks and any major changes implemented here can shape the social media landscape. One such significant change is the chance of Instagram removing the likes feature for posts.

Companies today are entrusted with finding a balance between comprehending their social information while likewise finding a better way to engage with clients. No matter what you’re selling, you should keep these trends in the back of your mind to remain ahead in this competitive market.

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