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Ultimate Guide to Social Media Posting for Better Reach and Conversion

Social media is a powerful platform that has the ability create awareness bring a change,  and obviously generate business. 75% of the total population uses social media company  for numerous purposes. People of all age group are so keen to know everything that is going around them. Both small and large business owners, therefore, preference to promote themselves on various social media in every way possible. Then why is it so that only few of them can actually get the right amount of traffic and engagement on their websites and others can not?

First remember that everything takes time and constant efforts. Second, efforts done in a right amount, at right time for the right purpose brings tremendous results. Let us look how you should post on Facebook,Instagram,Twitter, LinkedIn the most popular social media platforms.

Facebook Marketing

The Twitter newsfeed is like forest fire, it moves very quickly that there are a lot of changes of your post getting buried. It has been observed that since people have their break during noon time; they try keeping themselves occupied by scrolling through the news feed.

Linked in Marketing

Linkedin – Dean Infotech

Instagram is another way of social media platform that builds user news feed based on post popularity. After examining thousands of posts, data suggests that posting between 12 pm – 1 pm Monday – Friday will get the most views. Taking  about the length of the post, the ideal length has not been mentioned.

Instagram Marketing

If you are still concerned about the result you can contact a Social media optimization company to help you further.

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