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SMO Strategies 2019

5 Effective Ways to Increase your Business Online

Who doesn’t want to expand their businesses? Obviously, we all want to. But quite frankly, guys, people say it’s getting difficult and difficult day by day but I don’t believe it. You know why? Because I have seen sellers who have done tiny changes in their way of working and have seen drastic changes in their businesses. So yeah don’t lose hope because we are here to help you out in increasing your sales and business on all digital platforms.

Expand your business on social platforms

Well, if you are selling only on Amazon and Flipkart and believe the world ends there, so sorry to disappoint you, my friend, but it’s not true. Tell me how come a person on facebook knows what you are selling on Amazon? Don’t you want the audience from other social platforms to visit your online business and increase your online sales? In order to do so, a seller must build a business page on facebook, an account on Instagram and a personal profile on Linkedin and regularly update all these platforms so reach more and more potential customers.

Sell on Facebook and Instagram

Never heard of this? It’s okay because very few buyers know that you can also sell online from Facebook and Instagram. When you make a business page on Facebook, it gives you the option of opening an online shop and the same happens with Instagram, sellers can use Instagram to sell their products too, so every time someone search for the product on these portals chances are your product will appear and they buy directly from there.

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Ask for customer feedback

Always ask for valuable feedback. A maximum of customers get attracted to the positive feedback and prefer to buy from those sellers who have reviews on their products. A quick tip to generate feedback – when you sell the products you get their email ids along with the order, so just type a personalized email and send it to them and nicely ask them for feedback, chances are they will like this gesture and leave a review on your product.

Include real-time photographs

Professional and edited photographs are must but be honest and ask yourself, which photographs you prefer when you buy something online? Real or edited? You got the answer. Buyers prefer to see real-time photographs of the product, so try to put a few by yourself and ask your buyers to share their experiences and share the photos of your product in the review section.

Landing page according to Google ads

It’s a must-have, sellers usually don’t link the landing page according to their advertisements, holding and engaging the customers is the most difficult task to do. And if they don’t get what they are looking for they will get disturbed resulting in low buying rates. So always link your landing page in accordance with ads. If you have placed an advertisement for the coffee mug then direct them straight to the product and not to the homepage for better customer experience.