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First, know what exactly the SEO is? SEO helps your website to rank on the first few pages of google or you can say it increases your visibility to more and more people and bring maximum traffic to your business. Maximum traffic means maximum leads which may turn into clients and ultimately end up giving you business for which you are hard-working for.

A good SEO team can make you earn millions in a month or make you face the loss of millions in a day. Finding that one brilliant team or a dream digital marketing agency is one hard task like finding a needle in a haystack.

Well, my friend, SEO is a vast topic that surely can’t be covered in this article so to due respect whom-so-ever is reading this we have curated 8 helpful techniques which will help you with your query.

Coming back to the topic now, let’s discuss the strategies you came here for.

1. Focus on Mobile – Users

Try to focus more and more on mobile users. You tell me where you spend your time the most? On the mobile right? From checking morning news on Hindustan Times to sending that good night tweet on Twitter, from searching your favorite gadget on amazon to looking for that quick plumber service on search engines, most of this is happening on smartphones. So, making your website mobile-friendly is a must, any excuse is not acceptable. A quick fact:- About 72% percent of the world population will be having internet access by 2025 according to the report of CNBC, by the way, 72% is equivalent to about 4 billion, so just imagine the opportunities here. :0 Want to make your website mobile friendly? Visit here you will get your answers.

2. Write unique content

Do you yourself like reading boring content? No, right? With unique I am not saying to always be on the run of finding any extraordinary topic or quirky content to write upon. Just try to write content which is not copied from anywhere else and not plagiarised, just like I am doing. 😀

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3. Rightful use of Keywords

Well now there is no ideal amount or a percentage of keywords decided to use in the content. So, if your friend has told you to only write 2 keywords in a blog of 1000 words don’t believe in him or her. No SEO expert or a tool can guarantee you the amount of traffic you have got through your content post. Rather than focusing on 2 – 3 particular keywords I would suggest you to use narrow-tail, long-tail relatable keywords in your content and try to be as specific as you can about the topic.

4. An ideal word count of content is a myth.

No, my friend, unfortunately, there is no ideal word count for any content. Your content directly depends on your targetted audience and the topic you are writing about. Whether you are directing your audience to the sales page? Or trying to give brief information about the new job opening in some company? Or informing people about the 75 business ideas they can try?

5. Focus on building quality backlinks

Backlinks are the most crucial part of SEO but running only behind low DA (Domain Authority)- PA (Page Authority) websites in the hope for getting backlinks are not my cup of tea. All backlinks are not equal. These low DA-PA websites are important too but you should rather invest your valuable time in getting quality backlinks. If you need services like this you may contact here.

6. See what your competitors are doing

No-one is asking you to copy them or stalk them, but suggest you keep a track of your competitors. Every business does a competitor analysis for increasing the competitive advantage of their businesses. Do you know? Competitor analyst jobs are one of the premium jobs of the IT Industry? Amazed right? Keeping a tab on your competitor’s strategies and failures will help you in finding the opportunities for growth and pit not to fall into.

7. Improve the loading speed of your website

Admit it every-one is busy in the hustle-bustle of their lives and has no time to spend it on the loading pages. The users have got millions of other websites to get information from so the one who will give them the quick solution of their queries will always stay in google’s preferred category.

8. Don’t forget to write testimonials on other’s website

We usually get paranoid that if we’ll praise other’s, chances are that they will steal our clients, even you have thought about it once or twice in your life but this is a misconception which we have to debunk. Writing testimonials and commenting on similar businesses’ blogs will get you some really quality backlinks and traffic too. Just write some good admiring words for them and usually, most of the sites and blogs give you the option of putting your website’s link down below. Chances are that they would confirm your comment and Voila, here you got one quality backlink for your business.

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What to take away from this?

To be honest, there are hundreds of other ways too, to strategize your SEO game in this digital world. You and I have seen a strong SEO drift in the past 3 – 4 years. It would not be surprising to see more in the coming future, the strategies the techniques the tools will keep on changing with the time, and you have to be on the run to update yourself with the market trends.

At last, SEO is an ever-changing game and we all have to adapt ourselves to these changes.

By the way, do you know more valuable strategies? Or have any other queries or any suggestions please let us know in the comment section down below.