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Top 3 SEO Guidelines for Content Marketing

There is no secret that SEO and content writing goes hand in hand. After all, without SEO your content might be lost somewhere in the thousands of search pages of SERP. And we all know that the results and traffic of these thousands of pages are not at all satisfactory and if you think to bring your content on the first page can increase your traffic and business than understand this very carefully, that it is not correct too. If your content is not relevant, not properly structured, no meta description or H1 tag, no relevant keywords and information, then that content is not useful at all.

Of course, you must not be thinking of just throwing a bunch of words on a page and expecting people to run toward your website?

A proper structure and good relationship between SEO and quality content are essential in content marketing.

Let’s see how one can do all this by following 3 easy steps.

Strong your keywords game

Identify the keywords and phrases people are looking for (and what you can be competitive about) and create a keyword spreadsheet. Keep track of the number of times you include keywords in your content and use the appropriate tools to track your rankings for the keywords you are targeting. There are numerous free tools available online to help you with this.


Write good enough words

Writing a few sentences on a page containing many large images, negative spaces and symbols is not a good symbol of good content. Although it may ease up your work but it will be very difficult to rank your content on the first page of the search engines.

Indeed, search engines – and people – need good content writing. They must know that your page will respond to the request. Spacious pages may look pretty, but do not expect good SEO performance.

At a minimum, try to provide at least 500 content words on every page which you want to rank in the search engine. This is one of the most important SEO guidelines in content writing.


Structure your content neatly

The neat and clean structure provides the easy to read content and give clear signals about the content of the page to the search engines

The following three points are important for every SEO writing. This is the most valuable asset on the page, so be careful not to waste it!

1. Title Tag

Be sure to include your main keyword for this page in your title tag. Click here to learn more about title tags.

2. Use H1 and H2

Use unique, keyword-specific phrases in your H1 and H2 on your page. Do not waste this valuable real estate with duplicate generic page titles on your other pages.

3. Optimization of the image

Although not as important as the first two, it is useful to name the images according to the direction of the keyword for the search engines. Be sure to optimize both the image file name and the alt attribute of the image.

So in here, I tried to inform you guys about the SEO guidelines, in brief, there are a number of other ways too, to rank your content on the first page and we’ll keep letting you know about the same with time. But till then if you have any doubts or any views on this do let us know in the comment section down below.