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Top SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design

In today’s competitive digital earth, responsive web design isn’t a lucrative, it’s a downright necessity. Mobile has emerged as a critical component for web designing and development, with over 60% of queries within search engines coming from mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.

Yet despite this glaring trends, many brands are failing to deliver a user-friendly mobile experience for their visitors.

What do all this have to do with SEO?

Responsive web designs, which once was an innovative design tactic, has now become a standard among web development and web design platforms alike. With Google’s recent move to a “mobile first” index, responsive design could never be as important for ,Strategies To Choose Best SEO Company for Your Website or Business,SEO as it is today.

SEO Services In Noida


According to a Study Conducted by GOOGLE:

  • 50% of users said that even if they liked a brand they would use them less frequently if the mobile experience was poor
  • 61% of users would abandon the site right away if it wasn’t mobile optimized
  • 48% said if the site didn’t work well on their tablets or smart phones, it made them feel like the brand did not care about its reputation, company or customers.
  • 36% feel they “wasted their time” if a site isn’t mobile friendly.

As business owners,developers and designers, web masters,  it is our duty and obligation to help make the web a better place to experience. With the rapid growth in mobile devices and use, a primary part of that responsibility lays with improving upon and implementing mobile-friendly responsive designs and architecture.

While the focus should always be on human experience vs machines, it is important to understand that many of the benefits coming from a better user experience will also have a positive impact on search engine positioning and visibility.

Planning goes a very long way when optimizing for user experience on mobiles.Craft out your structure, links, content, and media ahead of time.  For each, address their respective impact on everything from bounce rate, to SEO services in noida and user experience. By doing so, you will begin to establish a strong responsive foundation from which to continually build and improve upon as necessary.

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