Digital Marketing Blogs – Is SEO and SMO are related or different?

seo and smo

SMO vs SEO – Related or Different?

Online marketing is all about awareness of our product and visibility among buyers. Mostly, people find your small business on online platforms through these three ways:

  1. Your website is coming on the first position of the search engine results,

  2. You’re either mentioned or recommended by another person or website your viewers visited, or

  3. They already know about your product or services and they come directly to your website.

And in this online marketing 2 things are really important optimization of search engines and how effectively we are using social media. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of dynamic strategies with a really broad goal of bringing more and more people on your website, by working and improving your search engine rankings. You can say that social media optimization (SMO) is a part of SEO—but it also contributes to all three ways (mentioned above) people find you online.

Now let’s see what exactly SMO is

Well SMO? What should I say? You know some call it social media optimization and some refer it to as search marketing optimization. Either way, it is the new era and style of online marketing, you can say the perfect and superb marriage between search engine optimization (SEO) and social media. Don’t laugh, please. It’s a way of making you understand this confusing topic. If you are running a  business in the digital and online world, you can’t exist without being online visible and customer interaction. And for this, our digital world has made SMO.

Nowadays, social media optimization has become an important part of search engine optimization the reason being search engines increasingly nad rapidly utilizing the suggestions and recommendations of online users on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to rank pages in SERP. When your web page is like by any viewer, it counts as a push or a vote for that webpage and the search engine uses this vote to rank your website in SERP.

Even though both have the sole aim of generating website traffic, these two are quite different in some aspects. SEO targets at certain keywords and also analyze how a search engine works, what people are looking for, the keywords on the search engine, also the target audience on a search engine. SEO can also be used for image search and local search also for video, academic, news and industry-specific search.

seo and smo

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