Digital Marketing Myths about PPC Advertising Uncovered

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5 myths which we are going to debunk today, about PPC Advertising

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In the course of the last few years, digital marketing has expanded beyond our expectations, and it’s on a huge boom in India. Digital marketing is helping ample of businesses in India and generating a gazillion amount of profits. And if we are talking about digital marketing, how can we not talk about PPC advertising? It is the most crucial and important part of online marketing, and the one who makes oneself understood of this technique can do wonders overnight.

But great things come with great fear especially when the money is involved. And Pay-Per-Click Advertising usually seen with a suspicious eye, despite its numerous benefits given to us digital marketers. Many misbeliefs revolve around the paid marketing towards to big businesses, medium level business, and small business.

Some misconception gets cleared away with time but few take the form of myths which creates confusion in the mind of people.

So here we are going to reveal a few myths associated with this PPC Advertising.

Your favorite fear

Pay Per Click is expensive

See, in this cruel world if you need something you have to pay for it and if you think PPC is being expensive on these terms then my friend you are being unjustified now.

Yes, it can be expensive sometimes but only when if you let it be. All the online platforms give you the advantage of daily budget cap and provide you the better marketing compared to offline advertising.

Paid advertising affects the organic position

Give me the name? Tell me who told you this? PPC advertising has nothing to do with organic searches the traffic generating from paid. Advertising is paid and organic is free. If your content is perfectly relevant to search query chances are both your organic and paid ads will be displayed by Google

There is no requirement of Pay Per Click if organic rank is high

Many people still think that PPC and SEO are enemies and work against one another. But in reality, PPC and SEO work best when they are combined. The visibility and exposure will increase; you will get more qualified traffic and maximized conversions when you use these two techniques in combination.

Pay Per Click campaigns are time-consuming

Every task needs a little work in starting to see results so does with online paid campaigns. With PPC campaigns you need to align the things in starting and with time your workload will sooth down. Paid campaigns must be managed by either by yourself or by the professional digital marketing agency. Looking for one? You can check us our services here

No one clicks on paid ads

If no one is clicking on paid advertisements then why it’s still on the move? If no was clicking on these ads then they would have stopped a long way before. Let me tell you about a study which states about 50 percent of online users can’t differentiate between PPC and organic search results.

ppc services in india

PPC won’t show the immediate results

I don’t know who said this and from where this myth circulated but whom so ever said this has no idea about online marketing. PPC ads are the ones who start showing the results from the moment you start your paid campaign. Search engines show your ads to those who will more likely to show interest in your businesses.

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