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Mobile Applications – The Secret Ingredient of Successful Businesses

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How mobile applications are the answer to all our troubles? We are completely drowning in the ocean of smartphones and mobile apps. Nowadays we are living in an era where surviving without basic needs is possible but surviving without smartphones isn’t.

People are giving up on their sleep but surely can’t give up, on the PUBG lite game.

We can skip our meals but we cant skip watching the popular series on Netflix. Right?

Canceling plans to meet up a friend on Sunday morning is fine but checking out our social networking platforms every 10 minutes isn’t.

From buying a refrigerator to merely a hairpin, from purchasing food processor to fresh groceries, even buying shares to a 2 BHK flat, everything, just everything we are buying from that small 6 Inch device which we call – Smartphones.

And who is making these smartphones our most special companion?

Mobile Applications

Let me share a few quick facts with you:

  • Consumers have downloaded about 178 billion mobile apps in 2017, and the number is still increasing
  • By 2023, mobile apps are projected to generate over 9935 billion U.S. dollars through paid downloads and in-app advertising.

Just imagine the growth of the internet and mobile applications.

Can you now see how rapidly these mobile applications are changing the world and us too? Mobile Applications are getting more powerful in the hands of consumers and opening enormous opportunities to earn money for entrepreneurs with the help of internet marketing too.

Developing an application, in fact, would be really beneficial for a business as it would help your business to expand the reach of your audience and connect you not only with local consumers but to the whole world.

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You know, sometimes I wonder how our whole life is consolidated in one small device. Do you remember the time when we used to be kids and our parents used to ask for directions towards the destination, that too from strangers on roads?

But now we have GPS Application for that trouble. Thanks to the Internet.

Although it has limited our human interactions but still it’s useful.

Today we have social media application to talk to our friends who are staying next door, we have a mobile application for the calendar to monitor our plans and alarms to wake us up timely in the morning, that’s a different thing if we also have a hanging calendar on wall and alarm clock on the side table which we have totally forgotten to use.

The mobile application also plays a really useful and productive role in reminding our current users of our updates on services/products and what we are doing in our online and offline business. With push notification service, apps remind our consumers of our new feature or development directly through the Mobile App.

I believe by this time you must have got the curiosity in the mobile application and you at least once have given a thought of building an application for your business too.

Hold the thought because in this article we have informed our readers about how one can develop an application in ease and really quick.

Do enlighten us with your views and thoughts on this article, we would love to hear from you.