Easy IT Consulting Tips and Tricks to Protect your Intranet

How to protect your intranet from internal and external threats

IT Consulting – How to Protect your Intranet from Internal and External Threats?

Often internal websites keep sensitive employee and customer information with them, at this point intranet security is at the high priority, especially for regulated industries such as health care & banking that can reach heavy fines due to security vulnerabilities. We at Peritus Infotech helping a number of our clients with IT consulting.

In this article, we would like to share with you the most common threats and best practices of 2019 for handling your internal network. We have mentioned points related to the latest technology updates in the Information technology industry.

An intranet is divided among 2 groups in terms of security risk and that is – External threats & Internal vulnerabilities

For internal vulnerabilities belong:

Weak passwords. An Internal IT team should make policies of creating strong passwords that are not easy to crack and the user should also keep changing them at regular intervals, for example, after every 45 or 60 days of usage. In the e-commerce industry, most of the offenses are happening due to weak passwords, reusing old passwords or compromising in some way or another.

Weak passwords

In addition, managers must allow automatic logoff after a certain period of user inactivity and prevent logins to save on computers and mobile devices.

Unrestricted access. Your information can leak if any user can see the sensitive data of your profile by any chance. In our suggestion Information Technology specialists need to take care of that who can view, edit or share certain files in the company.

Unprotected data. Although unidentified and uncoded data on the intranet may be suspicious to security breaches. You need strong technical support for network security and if our stuck somewhere you can always visit us for IT consultancy and solutions.

Unprotected data

We accept that information technology management is difficult but surely can be done if you have the right IT consulting agency

Unsecured remote access. It is quite normal these days for employees to enter the cloud intranets remotely through their tabs or mobile phones These devices usually do not have reliable antivirus or firewall which can protect corporate information to spread out within public 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi networks.

In every company, IT consultants should organize training for their internal employees on the importance of how they can secure their mobile devices, especially if they want to reach the corporate intranet. it will you and the organization to take care of the mobile devices and tablets in the case of stolen or lost.

External threats belong:



Viruses spyware and virus-like ransomware can anytime attack an intranet and internally ruin the online system performance, for example, it may cause issues like the slow performance in the system and technical errors. The IT Consulting team should carry out regular monitoring events intranet, which helps detect such problems as an unusual activity or a large flow of data remarkably. In IT consulting we provide IT Consulting of how you can take care of the threat which is malware & changing constantly, it is essential to have a timely update on anti-malware tools.

Social Engineering (phishing)

Phishing attacks using integrated with an intranet (eg, email, chat) can attract employees to disclose their sensitive information such as customer contact or account numbers, which can damage the reputation of the company concerned tools.

The solution to this trouble is to install anti-phishing software. In addition, the team should also encourage users to be hyper-aware of emails requesting financial information and personal information.

Social engineering (phishing)

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

Denial of service prevention (DDoS) refers to the group of tools, approaches & processes that allow a company’s network information system or environment of information technology to be protected from DDoS attacks and interruptions. It is a kind of security technique that ensures optimal operations or normal calculations continue even under a DDoS attack.

we suggest that IT solutions providers should take the help of tools like firewalls and load balancers which can control the volume of traffic coming to your intranet.

Protect your Intranet

Protecting your intranet is the utmost urgent task for any IT company and you should take the help of a variety of technical tools to prevent them from any malware or security threat. The user should also take participation in the safety training and monitor the security policies seriously