How Google Analytics helps Digital Marketing

Google Analytics


In today’s era, the information which we get by means of the digital medium, messages, site visits, contact data, item requests, discussions with different clients and so on is transforming into a need for all the marketers for doing business.

Google analytics helps digital marketing analytics to measure all the challenges and gain deep insight into the website like Traffic Channels, Site Content, User Behavior, leads generation and visitors Demographics, etc.


Google Analytics is an exceptionally helpful tool to understand the behavior of users on the website. It plays a very vital role In Digital marketing services. Generally, when we make a website and leave it on the server, we don’t find any option to track or to know who is visiting, what the activities are done, how much time users spent, etc. Google analytics has all the responses to these inquiries.

This Google analytical tool can perform so many tasks. You can learn a lot of information about your website visitors and traffic with the help of Google Analytics.


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Let’s cast a quick glimpse at Google Analytics can tell you:-

  • Number of  visitors are coming to your website
  •  The geographical location of visitors
  • Visitors through channel like, direct, referral, SEO, paid campaign details
  • Topmost visited page in your website
  • A bounce rate of your website
  • Type of devices  used and the % of user using those devices, so that you can optimize your website accordingly
  • Operating system used to browse the website
  •  The page load time, if you find any pages having more loading  time, you can fix the issue to reduce the load time
  • Number of visitors getting converted into leads or customers


Google Analytics is a fundamental tool for Digital marketers. For the capacity to truly see how effective a website campaign has been, to audit SEO execution, or to discover how well clients are collaborating with your new site, Google Analytics (GA) is a powerful tool.

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