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guaranteed results on seo

Who doesn’t want their business website to rank on the first page of the SERP but the important part is how? Finally, we came up with the one-step solution to all of your troubles. After months of efforts & struggle, Peritus’s team now presents to consumers the guaranteed results on their websites through SEO. And how we are going to do that? You’ll find out in this article.

Let’s begin the journey by letting you know the process involved in an effective SEO campaign that provides assured returns.


Website analysis is the initial step in SEO where our team analyzes your current page ranking, web content, keyword frequency, user experience, mobile-friendliness, daily traffic, bounce rate, organic searches, loading time, quality of landing pages and so on. After gathering these useful insights we can now scale, evaluate and develop the strategies accordingly.

website analysis


This is the step that required a considerable amount of time to find out the relative keywords for your unique business which should be relatively high in searches but also moderate in competition with decent pricing. Looking out for narrow tails keyword, long tails keyword and LSI keywords are time takers but bring the most effective results once they are utilized in the content and can increase your reach as well as business real quick.

These keywords are the ones that we will target in the site optimization to get the results. The path of guaranteed results through SEO starts from here.

Once armed with these targeted keywords we now do the competitive analysis and use metrics of SEO and position your site on the search engines and make required changes and develope subsequent strategies.


After acquiring all the above-mentioned details of keyword analysis, we now focus on building your web content around those keywords. Everyone knows content is the king in digital marketing and. The search engine prefers those sites which have a high volume of content (distributed in ways), content which is highly relative to your business, informative, unique and easy to read.

content building

Content can help businesses in bringing back their consumers back on the website, due to two reasons. Firstly, they will come back to gather more up-dated information about their queries and secondly, they can get similar services what they are looking for. Apart from that search engines will have a lot of information to store on your business and it can distribute evenly on every platform increasing your reach and visibility to more an more people. Taking care of content marketing is crucial and we have it all covered for you.


Now when we have taken care of keywords and content now comes the part how to make it work on SERP. No matter how wonderful your content is & how brilliantly you’ve done your keyword searches, everything will fall if can’t make it work.

Here, web page optimization, take the command. It includes the page titles, use of targeted keywords, site map, alt and meta tags, technical SEO and few more.

  • Page title makes sure that viewers can identify what the page is all about? On the website, there is a number of pages and your viewer should know what information they can expect on the specific pages.
  • Usage of targeted keywords means proper utilization of keywords. Doing keyword stuffing on pages or blogs can lead you to the penalty from search engines. So it’s required to put sufficient but not excess keywords on each web page. 
  • A site map is a map which includes the brief information of all the pages of your website in the form of text links. It helps search engines to crawl your website with ease.
  • Alt and Meta tags – Alt tags are the text which describes an image on your website because the search engines cannot understand (crawl) images and videos. Meta tags are placed in the backend of the site and help describe the content of the web page.
  • Technical SEO includes site speed, site security, mobile responsiveness and other important technical issues that may put an impact on the website’s ranking.

web page optimization




For getting the guaranteed result through SEO you need to generate links. Link building means that you are pulling traffic towards your website from different sources. We generate links from a number of SEO off-page and SEO on-page techniques.


Google keeps coming with the updates in SEO. It keeps on changing its way of doing digital marketing. We at Peritus stay up-to-date with the latest trends and updates so that we can make the best possible changes within the time. It will not only lead to rank your website on the higher pages but also help you in getting more traffic organically.


Peritus Infotech elevates you with the guaranteed SEO results and presents the Guaranteed results on SEO with an agreement, where we sign an agreement stating that the Team would provide the desired results in a specific time. And if we are unable to do our valuable clients can take their 100 % money back from us.


There are hundreds of other things, techniques, and ways which include in the SEO. This article isn’t comprised of all SEO start and finished steps or the initial steps we take. We do understand for a streamlined campaign it is mandatory to monitor and analyze the results. For that, we provide structured reports from time to time to our customers for continuous analysis.

Always think thrice before investing in a marketing campaign. And if you do believe that we can change the game of your business you can contact us here for further queries.

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