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Google Updates: Avoid Change URLs Unless You Really Have To


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Envision the sinking feeling I got in the pit of my stomach, at that point, when a Google Website admin.

For a considerable length of time and years, Google has been advising individuals to not change URLs except if they need to. Google’s John Mueller said it again in a Reddit string, firmly promising the website admin to abstain from changing the URLs on his web page.

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In this model, the website admin is hoping to change his universal URL structure toe from, etcetera. Google’s John Mueller the greatest concern he sees with how Google will respond is the URL change and the time it takes Google to reprocess everything.

Google will give you an elegance period on the off chance that you fouled up. Also, in the event that you have joins indicating old URLs, they never leave. Yet, something else, SEO company, on the off chance that you refresh all signs accurately and you have a site that gets slithered and listed habitually, at that point you’ll witness changes rapidly. Remember that the measure of time will be diverse on various destinations.

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