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Previous year’s blog for the digital marketing trends, we published. It has come to an end with the success of those key points we stated is trending to formulate digital marketing strategies nowadays. From influencer marketing to the video content and image search. Now, since 2019 is around the corner. It is time that we highlight some trends which are about to reflect in online marketing the next year.

Under given are some points listing Top Digital Marketing Trends for next year and years about to come. These future trending internet marketing strategies can help you to reach the heights you desire for in your business.


Chatbots have been ascending in a couple of years and still continues in 2019. 45% of end-clients like to utilize Chatbots as a major means of communication with a customer administration.

Chatbots assume a basic job in improving the customer experience and enable marketers to all the more likely draw in with their audience – without truly doing much. They offer constant help to the client, committed support and proactive collaborations where they pose inquiries to comprehend the genuine issue.

For example, a visitor arrives on a website that is reached through a chatbot and requested to demand help or get more information about the item. In the event that he chooses the primary alternative, he will allude to a delegate for assistance and in the event that he picks the subsequent choice, he will be posed a progression of computerized inquiries or diverted to their blog or FAQ page.

Another rising pattern is Whatsapp Business Messaging, which has turned out to be one of the most utilized messaging applications worldwide. Furthermore, it’s never again limited to individual utilization; businesses are utilizing the application regularly for their day by day exercises.

Messaging traffic is relied upon to twofold by 2019. This is driven by over the top messaging or OTT applications, going up from 30 trillion messages in 2014 to over 105 trillion by 2019 universally.

Smarter Chat with chatbots


Voice search is rising its popularity on a very high note. It is also stated that by the next year, 50% of the queries will be in accordance with the voice search. There are basically two types of voice searches one is AI that works with brands like Alexa, Homepod, etc. Whereas the other one answers you daily as your personal assistance in smartphones i.e. Siri, Google Assistant, etc.

Organizations ought to likewise concentrate their effort endeavors on utilizing voice advancement in digital marketing. Digital Marketers must utilize a progressively characteristic language SEO to make the content as needs are. This expects them to think about what their target audience may use in their voice inquiries just as a spotlight on long-tail watchwords since searchers are probably going to be progressively explicit when posing an inquiry. For example, in one question, a customer may demand data about time, value, area and different subtleties that sound substantial for composed hunt inquiries.

Subsequently, marketers can use these chances to convey more targeted, explicit content that prompts increment in their rates.


As more clients are handling their online exercises by their cell phones, marketers keep on utilizing mini minutes to draw in their audience’s consideration and satisfy their immediate needs.

At whatever point a customer looks for something, searches for a close-by store, needs to conclude an undertaking or makes a purchase, marketers can exploit these sorts of miniaturized scale minutes to make targeted substance and advertising.

With the goal for marketers to prevail with regards to utilizing miniaturized scale minutes, they ought to comprehend the essential practices of everyone. We should take for example the “I-need to-go”. Physical stores can exploit such a minute by benefiting them from “near me”, which have become 2X everywhere in the range of 2016 and 2017 according to Google. This expects storefronts to enhance their areas on their sites or applications. Furthermore, they can go even past that by making promotions for their store’s area or prominent items to improve their perceivability in web crawlers and arrive at their customers at a suitable time.


Key Takeaways

  • Marketers are enthused about taking more smart choices dependent on past information so as to convey more customized campaigns to their targeted audience. This should be possible with the assistance of AI and huge information which are two of the most featured patterns in 2019.
  • Voice search, AR, VR, and smarter visits are new communication diverts that were featured in 2018 and will keep on expanding in importance in the following year.
  • A more compelling email marketing depends on speaking with dynamic contacts as they are the most qualified and simplest prompts to descend the pipe. This abstains from sitting around on dormant too. Furthermore, lead profiling is key for compelling record based marketing.
  • Program message pop-ups assume a major job in retargeting relinquished visitors and increment transformations.
  • Customizing substance helps the commission rates and has a noteworthy constructive outcome on the purchasers’ shopping experience.