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What is ASO?

ASO, or App Store Optimization, is an essential strategy for mobile businesses - the process of optimizing mobile apps and games to maximize the visibility on the app stores and improve the conversion rate to download.

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ASO Strategy

    The App Store Optimization strategy consists in 3 main processes:
  • Market & Keyword Research
  • Product page optimization & A/B testing
  • Tracking and monitoring
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Market & Keyword Research

Keyword Research
This is most often the 1st step of the ASO process, carried out even before launching an app / game.
Just like for SEO, keywords optimization is crucial in ASO and in discoverability in Search & Explore.
    1.Keyword Research:
  • How to select the right keywords?
    Brainstorm the initial list of all the keywords related to your app - what your app does, its main features, its in-app purchases, its characters & gameplay if its a game. What does your app solves? What’s its added value?
  • Amplify the list with suggestions - you can check them in the App Store toolbar, or use a specific tool for keyword research.
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Product page optimization & A/B testing

    The next important step is to work directly on the App Store product page elements. There are two types of ranking factors in ASO:
  • On-metadata factors: app name, subtitle, description, icon, screenshots, videos, promotional text, in-app purchase name, listing localization
  • Off-metadata factors: downloads, user ratings & reviews
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Optimizing App Store product page

    App Name & Subtitle:
  • One of the strongest ranking factors + an impact on conversion rate
  • Up to 30 characters
  • Make it short & memorable + include core keywords
  • Summarize product + highlight best features
  • Impacts keywords rankings: add keywords
  • Appears on app snippets (everywhere) and has an impact on CTR and on Conversion Rate
  • Off-metadata factors: downloads, user ratings & reviews
    Keywords field
  • This field is limited to 100 characters, so follow the best practices to make the most out of them:
  • Don’t include plural word forms if you already added the singular
  • Separate words with commas and don’t use spaces - Apple will “mix and match” your keywords & create combinations to rank your app
  • Don’t include keywords already added in the App Name (it already has the biggest weight for Search & Explore ranking)
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Optimizing App Store product page

  • Description Can only be updated when submitting a new version
  • Up to 4.000 characters, but the 1st sentence is the most important one (users don’t need to click on read more to see it)
  • Does not impact keywords ranking but Conversion Rate
    Description - Our tips
  • Highlight key features, focus on uniqueness
  • Be clear and concise, share the core values of your app / game
  • Mention your awards (or keep it for the Promotional Text for more highlight)
  • No keyword stuffing
  • Avoid mentioning prices - might not be accurate for all countries
  • Localize your description!
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Optimizing App Store product page

    Ratings & Reviews:
  • The all-time ratings are displayed on the product page + users reviews and the developer’s answers are quite visible
  • Apps ratings appear on Search - it’s important to take care of users’ experience & ensure their positive feedback
    A / B testing
  • Use A / B testing to find out what provides your app with the best Conversion Rate
  • With A / B testing, traffic is sent to 2 different versions of the product page to determine which works best
  • Crucial to ASO + only way to know the most effective content in attracting users
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Tracking & Monitoring

    It is vital to check on your KPIs on a regular basis:
  • Keywords rankings
  • Top charts rankings
  • Featuring's
  • Reviews & ratings
  • Conversion Rate to visit / download
  • Volume of organic downloads
  • Revenue
  • Keep in mind that to be successful, it is crucial to have a great product, i.e. a quality app.
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Optimizing App Store product page

Final thoughts
The App Store has gone & is still going through many changes. It’s important you keep everything in mind & stay up to date. Always work on your strategy to improve rankings, convince users to download your app & drive more organic installs. Happy optimizing!
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